Weekend Treat

image by D Sharon Pruitt
I have decided not to head out of town for the Labor Day weekend this year. Instead, I plan to hang around the house and work on my fine art photography and furniture store. Also, Pinback (indie rock band)...is having a concert next month and I plan on purchasing a set of tickets tomorrow afternoon. FYI: Pinback is a very special, favorite band of mine...as a matter of fact, those guys are who I gain a great deal of inspiration from- while working on the businesses. If you have not heard of them, I hope that you get the chance to check em' out. As for Mod news....I am offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders $50.00 and over! This will last for the next couple of days, and will end on Tuesday/ September 8. This is a great time to take advantage of stocking up on a few goodies, without the hassle of shipping fees :)

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