shop update...

This week I really lucked up and found all sorts of wonderful goodies for the shop. Most of these pieces came from an estate sale (small town, south of Atlanta) ... And boy was I impressed! This dear lady had an amazing selection of retro handbags and furs to choose from. Although the fur was beautiful, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor little animals who suffered, therefore I opted out of purchasing any fur pieces. By the way, I'm 20 weeks (pregnant) and sometimes my loopy emotions get the best of me, causing me to have minor emotional breakdowns during random spurts of the day. 
But on the flip side, I did get first dibs on the great handbags and happily purchased each and every one :) My absolute favorite is the oversize Southwestern Doctor Satchel and I swore to myself that I would absolutely NOT sell it... but somehow it has made its way into the shop :) I figured some sweet guy or gal could give it a great home and get much more use out of it. 

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