top Etsy picks ...

There are so many things I long for on Etsy. The inspirational wall decor print is very cute and way too clever! I would like to have this particular print to remind me of how important it is to live each day like it's vacation...even if it's in a subtle way. For instance, taking up a water aerobics class or trying a new recipe. However, luckily I do own this piece here (in honor of my husband and I pregnancy) which is graciously displayed on my work desk. 
These are my top 5 picks this week. 


  1. Banana marshmellow?!?! MUST HAVE...

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. Etsy is amazing: you can find so many awesome things! the yellow pot is wonderful! I'd put it in my living room!
    Sara C.

  3. 'The Cheap' - Oh yes! Those banana marshmallows are DELICIOUS! So soft and fluffy. I've already order 3 batches of the banana and vanilla. They taste great in hot chocolate and coffee.
    'Sara C.' Agreed! This pot is too pretty to cook in and would look nice displayed. This seller has such amazing items... have you had a chance to check out her shop?

  4. I seriously get lost in Etsy! Too many amazing things!