almost an uneventful day thanks to Baggu

Today was a typical day of completing inventory list, cleaning up the house and taking a short nap after lunch hour. Everything was going according to plan on this typical Wednesday evening... that's until I checked the mail box... and there it was waiting for me all alone in a brown paper envelope! My new travel backpack from Baggu. "Where were you when I needed you?" I asked the nylon backpack. This bag is something I truly  needed over the summer, during all of our fun road trips. A week earlier I figured now's the time to order it since all I have is nothing but time on my hands...however I'm quite sure that too is going to change on Friday (when the baby is delivered.)
Back to the nylon backpack, don't you just love it! The color is papaya - sweet and bright and hard to loose in the back of my closet or left behind in a cafe (which I've done on plenty occasions with my much more expensive yet boring handbags) I can't wait to wear it :)

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