introducing vintage housewares

When I first began selling vintage on Etsy almost 7 years ago, I was single, unsettled and pretty much was obsessed with collecting and selling vintage. These days, my life is different in every way compared to what it once was. I'm now married, with a three year old son, currently pregnant (due in June) and needless to say I have an abundance amount of housework, craft projects and appointments to keep up with, which sometimes result in M.H. taking a backseat. Now, I understand that this is no way to run a 'business' and each day I truly try to muster the energy required to put the necessary work in. The truth of the matter is, I'm a 'one woman show' and I really shouldn't spread myself thin nor should I stress over completing my never-ending To-Do list. 

For the past few years, I've spent less time at thrift stores and more time in the kitchen, baking, cooking and tidying up. The kitchen has become my haven. A place where I can unwind, drinking a glass of wine while stirring a pot of homemade marinara sauce or create something new and delicious by testing a cake recipe. So, when I thought to introduce a few vintage houseware items to the shop, it wasn't farfetch in my opinion. I love shopping for rustic, pre-owned home goods in addition to beautiful antique jewelry and the occasional vintage formal gown. Just as my life is ever evolving, I think it's important to evolve Mod Human too. I hope you like my new finds for the shop, and even more to make a purchase and give these wonderful treasures a new home. 

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