december is here...

Vintage 1970s Mia Farrow Coat

Vintage 1970s Ann Margaret Coat

Vintage 1960s Audrey Hepburn Coat

Fall is quickly disappearing while winter is steadily approaching...Most of the leaves have now fell from the trees in my backyard, giving my family & I loads of yard work to complete over this past weekend. I plan to clean out my closet over the next few days, ridding myself of items that I no longer want, need, nor wear...Most likely I will donate them to the American Kidney Fund...however the thought of Ebay sounds much more appealing...It's truly been a while since I had a fun/friendly 'auction'
The shop is now stocked with a selection of cozy jackets/coats & cardigans...
Once you have spare time, I would love for you to visit...

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