4 eyes...


It has been a rainy & extremely chilly day here in Atlanta... This morning I made myself a gigantic cup of joe, and went to my much needed hair appointment. Afterward, the day was spent completing a list of errands (all in which included) buying new eyeglasses & contacts! I was very excited to walk into the shop and find the exact style of frames I have been craving for months...The eye-glass frames were only $9.00! Not only was it the stylish, black 'nerdy' kind but they totally flattered my face...which is rare. Hopefully I have the same excitement and joy when it arrives in the next few days...(I have a habit of falling in & out of love with eye-glasses)...they always seem to be much more perfect while trying on at the store, rather than when I get the actual eyeglasses home they seem to look not so good anymore...wish me luck!
Also I managed to add a few additional items to the shop...It's quite rare coming across a Samsonite handbag...and the hot pink military style coat is just to die for...the perfect coat to help you get through the remainder of winter.

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