scenic route...

sunflower field /US-271- Alabama
diner dining

Saturday morning Mr. Rugged and I made our way to Huntsville, Alabama over the weekend.
We opt for the scenic route and took in beautiful landscapes like the sunflower field above...the view was so gorgeous that we decided to pull over and take pictures...shortly after we enjoyed waffles for breakfast.


  1. Mr. Rugged has my heart. He's a lefty like me! haha

    I haven't eaten at huddle house in about 5 years.

    I need to take a road trip. I've never done that.

  2. The Huddle House was pretty amazing or maybe I was just very hungry :/ lol
    Thanks for reading/joining my blog...your too nice!

    Best Wishes!
    Mod Human

  3. never thought you for a huddle house gal..must be your beau rubbing off lol

  4. Please join the blog Karen G. LOL
    S.N. Yes my dear is rubbing off in all the good ways :)