big feet

Thank you ladies for your best wishes and thoughtful comments :) They definitely were comforting and made me smile.
Things on this end (as far as the minor 'set back') are better... I'm no longer afraid of staying home by myself and starting to feel comfortable again.
Today was bright and sunny and instead of spending my Saturday home, I ventured out from my side of town into Atlanta to visit my mother and sister. Of course we did a little vintage shopping but I guess the main highlight of the day was finding a few pair of new shoes for myself. Since being pregnant, I've managed to outgrow every pair I've owned (besides my dopey black exercise sneakers and a pair of fluffy Ugg 'want-to-be' boots.) So you can imagine my shoe options for everyday wear was extremely limited. I guess the rumor is officially true, or at least that's the case for me...
Another reason I consider my shoe shopping event a highlight is because the truth of the matter is, I rarely buy myself things anymore. Since opening and running the vintage shop (which started out as a hobby and somehow slowly became my life) the only purchases I make with extra money always seem to go back into my business. Looking back on it, maybe I have sorta let my love and passion for vintage get the best of me, which in return had left me looking a little rough around the edges. lol
Nevertheless, I'm happy to have new shoes and just wanted to share my excitement and the reason for :)
However, I did find one item for the shop. Yes, only one! And I'm very satisfied with that... It's a stunning colorful 60s halter frock. Think summer BBQ's and outdoor concerts. I'll probably hold on to this gem until the spring hits... unless yall think I should add it right away :/ .... who knows!

photo credit: http://aseverm.tumblr.com/

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