a first time for everything

This past weekend has been a little frustrating, due to having our house broken into by mean robbers... I went out of town with my husband Mr. Rugged for a day and sadly came back to having our personal things taken from us. My husband is an incredible man when it comes to these type of situations and was more concern with my well being. Of course I cried the moment I realized that intruders were in our home and made a mess of our things. I guess we can think of it as a 'welcome to the neighborhood' being that we just moved into this house a month ago. Also being pregnant certainly does not help the situation. Needless to say, things can be replaced and life certainly goes on and more importantly I'm happy to have my husband here along the way to keep me calm and grounded.
However, I think we may have to get a watch dog now :/
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  1. Sorry that happened, it happened to us once too. My computer was stolen and along with it thousands of personal photos that were on it, in a sense stole my memories. it's also hard to shake that feeling that dipshits were pawing your stuff in you most personal of spaces. It'll wear off though, but it would be wise to get a dog or an alarm system :)

  2. Oh no, I'm sorry you had your personal space invaded like that-- hopefully they didn't take anything that can't be replaced (like sentimental items). You're lucky to have such a strong support system and here's to hoping that the people get caught.

  3. I am so so sorry to hear that, what an appalling experience. I guess everyone has this experience once in their lifetime and, if it's little consolation, be thankful they didn't have a more violent motive. Lots of love xxxxx