Baubles and Bits ...

baubles and bits 

I've recently moved outside of Atlanta into a more quite, family oriented environment just two weeks ago and there's nothing more exciting then exploring a new side of town. Yesterday, (after an extensive internet search) I decided to pack up the car with tons of snacks (remember I'm pregnant) and drove to all the 'best spots' in my new neighborhood for vintage and antique shopping. It was such a joy to find so many lovely things... But what's even more amazing is all the antique jewelry I discovered... and this almost never happens! I left a ton of exquisite pieces behind... however, I do plan to scoop up the remaining of the baubles and bits on my next shopping trip.
Above is a preview of the wonderful estate jewelry pieces I purchased for the shop.
I hope you love them as much as I do :)


  1. These are very lovely!!


  2. love all the glitter
    i am following your blog now ..
    do check out mine as well