lunch with grandma

I had a lunch date with grand-ma today. We ate at a cute little 'hidden gem' called Oz Pizza in downtown Fairburn, GA...sooo' much fun and the pizza was delicious :)
Afterwards, we decided to browse a few antique flea markets too...grand-ma tried on some of the most amazing retro hats while I went back and forth on deciding to purchase this unique tapestry shoulder bag.

Also, I found a bunch of really cute vintage handbags, sunglasses and train cases for the shop today! I will be cleaning them up, taking photographs and adding each item to the shop tomorrow (Tuesday)...& through out the rest of the week...so please make sure to check to shop daily for new updates :)


  1. Sounds like fun! I can't wait to see the handbags!

  2. Hi There!

    Oh yeah! It's always fun hanging out with my grandma :) She has lot's of energy!

    I just loaded a bunch of fun merchandise today....check it out :)