lonely planet

Today, I had what is referred to as a 'wake-up call'. What can I say...(deep sigh)....I am now officially bored with my everyday life. I'm starting to feel as if I do not take a much need vacation within the next few weeks or so...I am literally going to go INSANE! I'm not really sure how I let myself stay in one place for so long, but this behavior is very unlike me. My initial plans were to wait until December and head off to Hawaii, however I find the waiting game very impossible to finish. I define myself & take pride in being a traveler, so I guess my only real problem is...there's absolutely no one in my circle that's free to head out of town with me :( which leads me to the question 'to travel alone or not to travel at all?' I'm leaning towards packing my bags...
Would you ever travel alone?
Mod News: Well as for the shop....I did not get a chance to add any 'new' vintage items today. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to add more amazing things over the weekend :)


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  1. I would never have the guts to travel alone (and my husband might be sad he wasn't invited), but I think you should do it! I just came across your blog after visiting your etsy store. I absolutely love so many of your items. I think the mustard yellow bag has my name on it!