weekend in the big apple...

 Upper West Side
 Little Italy 
 Grand Central Station
 Love, love love this boutique 
 Magnolia Bakery
 Cupcake run- Bleecker Street 
 Trying a humming bird cupcake from Magnolia Bakery
 Cozy pizza shop located in Chelsea
 The best brownies I've ever had in life 
 Rare flower in the city
Mr. Rugged @ a sample sale (Chelsea Market)

Mr. Rugged and I have finally returned home yesterday, from our intensely fun trip (New York and Philadelphia)
On several occasions I've visit the city, yet never actually had time to explore all of its wonders. This time around we toured the entire big apple (every nook and cranny of Manhattan) and sampled some tasty food along the way. My thoughts on New York?... "well, for starters I have my own personal theory that New Yorkers are living swell" due to everyone's casualty of shopping and eating out on the regular. Seems like the place for me when I was in my early 20's... Here are a few snap shots from our trip. 


  1. great pics!! I want to go back to NY so bad,love it.A great place to visit,but not to live. lol:)

  2. Just love the flower in the city. what a great shot. Will it be featured in Third Eye View? I must have it.