miami love

I have finally returned from my second home in Miami Beach....I had a lovely time & enjoyed the beautiful, sunny weather. Miami is truly like no other city, thriving on it's heavy influence of Latin culture. Something is certainly to be said, about the exotic beauties, old architecture and glamorous beaches. On Sunday, my friends and I packed lunch and had homemade pinaCheck Spelling colada's on South Beach...just like old times. Our night was followed by dinner at a hidden gem called Bangkok City...the best & freshest sushi restaurant in town. This weekend has flew by very fast...and I am back home in Atlanta, where the weather is cold and wet.
I will be adding additional vintage handbags and coats to the shop tomorrow and I am very excited about an Estate Sale in Macon, Ga that I may be attending as well!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a week thus far.

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