retro travel

Something has to be said for bright, colorful retro luggage! One of my absolute favorite things in the world, would have to be vintage train cases. I use these unique cases to store my camera equipment, old photographs & cards, while turning other train cases into sewing boxes and make-up kits for photo shoots. All of my friends absolutely love these incredible case's and always beg for one for their birthdays...and just recently each has asked for a train case for Christmas! These 3 train cases above are just as stunning, glamorous and unique as my very own and are now available for sale in the store!


  1. My mom had a make-up travel case almost exactly like the one in the middle when I was little! It wasn't that awesome color though. I remember feeling so grown up when I would use it to go away somewhere! Love your blog.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    While growing up as a young girl, my mom had a stunning train case in this amazing cobalt blue, faux snakeskin materiel...somehow that particular case is what initially sparked my interest in retro luggage and vintage items. I'm extremely happy to learn that you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you for commenting and sharing those kind words with me :)