j. crew treats...

After a long weekend, I started the week off to a great start... I'm talking about shopping! I woke up rather early and made myself a simple, healthy breakfast before heading down to Locust Grove Shopping Outlet. My first stop was inside my favorite store of all time: J. Crew! I was happy to be the first and only customer inside the shop...that way, I was able to take my time and browse the selection without any interference. (Yes friends, I am an early bird shopper!)
I also made friends with a very nice associate, which gave me a quick preview of some of the lovely spring/summer things to come....
I finally wrapped up my selection with a pretty scoop- neck artist Tee, enamel bangels and a gorgeous jewel necklace...It always feels good to treat yourself to something special :)
What do you like to treat yourself to?

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